Workshops are useful for all levels, giving solid foundations to beginners and key details for advancing practitioners. 

Workshop Testimonials

Gale is a pure gem. When first communicating with her it was clear she is very organized. She was helpful in promotion of the workshop with social media and offering us wording and pictures for printed materials. Gale is very relaxed, professional, highly knowledagble about her offerings and teachings. She added humour and presented her information so all students, new or experienced could understand the information in the workshop. Gale's bright smile and light hearted personality was so appreciated for the studio staff and students, we can't wait to have her back!

- Denise Ordowski Marshal, Studio manager, Chinook Yoga, British Columbia, Canada

Example workshops:

 Massage Therapy Ball and Myofascia Care:

This workshop uses special therapy balls as part of its method. The texture, size and density of these particular balls are made to be an accessible means for routine safe and effective soft and deep tissue release. This workshop is useful for targeting:

-Stiff Neck & Headaches
-TMJ/Tight Jaw
-Frozen Shoulder
-Sciatica & Back Pain
-Tight Hips & Hamstrings
-IT Band Syndrome
-Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain
-Relieve pain and stress
-Rub out muscle adhesion and tension in overworked or underused areas
-Break down hardened fascia/scar tissue
-Calm the nervous system and boost the immune system
-Prevent or reverse development of osteoarthritis


Knees, Hip,Back Rehab:

This workshop utilizes an alignment practice known as Bowspring that can be applied to any style of yoga. This alignment strengthens stabilizer muscles for the knees and hips and is most notably based around the natural curvature of the spine bringing more balance to the muscles of the front and back body through all movements and postures. A practice that truly fosters healing and confident self expression, compassion and responsibility for self- Always working from the heart. The Bowspring practice is often difficult for beginners, but the healing and progression is noticeable both physiologically and psychologically giving the physical-mental feedback loop support, boundaries and sound structure that it needs to open in full expression. Please checkout the website to learn about the practice in greater detail!


Inversions are very popular in yoga classes around the world. I love them because they are mentally and physically challenging and keep me committed to patience and persistence in my practice- traits that benefit us in most areas of our lives! In this workshop, we will work on the tools needed to understand the journey towards these advanced postures. This includes interactive strength and flexibility exercises, partner inversion work, and independent wall and prop use.  This workshop will build confidence in one's ability to spot and give adjustments for inversions. In my experience, inversion strength is built as a community!


A personal favourite! Backbends can often be the crux of frustration in one's personal practice. I have found that for myself, the more I committed to learning how to strengthen the right areas to support the opening for back-bending, that my entire practice changed for the better. This workshop offers the raw materials needed to fortify one's regular practice to see gradual and sustainable strength and opening in this heart-opening adventure. Having had significant back (low, mid and upper) and hip problems, I recommend this for all levels. Patience and persistence are key in developing a back-bending practice, and are well worth it!

Ayurveda Self-Care:

This is all about how to bring your yoga off the mat and into your everyday life. Across cultures I see a tendency to be very focused on the important 'to-dos' that are for the improvement of our external life- Exhaustion and depletion are normalized when this habit is not balance. Learning to develop the practices to nurture healthy internal circumstances is necessary for balance, and changes the way we foster necessary transformation and success in our lives... And it all starts with a little know how in our daily approach to self-care.