Private classes are a great way to progress your practice when you have specific questions about common or fundamental postures that prevent you from being able to follow the flow of a class. This may mean learning more about alignment, muscular engagement, breath work or modifications that work for you.

Private lessons are also great when we have plateaued at certain stages of our practice and are looking for deeper understanding of and progression in asanas. 

Private lessons can be used for the purpose of strengthening one's at home/self-practice as well, equipping you with specific modifications and sequences for your process.

*To ensure respect for time, commitment and progress private sessions are 500 LE for sessions of 1 hr. Clients who attend classes at The Laundry Room regularly are offered private sessions at a rate of 350 LE per session.  

If you have attended classes with me or if you will be, please tell me more about yourself:
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