I ground my practice and teaching in compassion, knowing that positive change must come from love for the self and others. I believe we are all capable of great change, ushered forward by forming healthy habits (through yoga and ayurveda). I aim to teach a sense of confidence and trust in one’s ability to communicate effectively with one’s body; strengthening one’s capacity to feel within and deepening one’s capacity to respond to those sensations from without. My classes are an opportunity to regain sensitivity to the outer-inner physical interplay- how structure effects our emotions, and our emotions affect our structure. To encourage healthy structure I focus on alignment first through verbal cueing, secondly through hands-on-cueing (i.e light touch for guided self-correction), and thirdly by instructional demonstrations. My classes are demanding, with strong emphasis on safety and compassion for self, and are always conducted with a gentle, playful approach to explorations in new or challenging postures.