Wellness is different for each individual. The path to harmonious body and spirit will look different for each of us. Through yoga (500+ hr) and ayurveda, I have found practices that enable me to manage and maximize my physical and emotional tendencies to support a joyful engagement with life. This is what I intend to offer to my community through yoga and ayurveda based health coaching:

- Enabling each person to identify what qualities and practices bring balance into their life and strengthening one’s sensitivity to feel the shifting state of balance.

- Empowering people to find a sense of playfulness and curiosity en route to responsibility for our wellbeing 

- Deepening one’s self-trust to be able to care for oneself and building self confidence to share more of one's unique gifts

In my practice I am dedicated to an acceptance for what is, balanced with an openness to playing with possibilities for self-improvement. 


In order to connect my community with clean, high-quality body-care products that have made my daily self-care routine a joy, I also offer DoTerra Essential Oils and Banyan Botanicals ayurvedic oils, herbs and supplements.


These offerings are firmly planted in the belief that as we learn to better care for ourselves, we are better able to sew the seeds of our loving commitments through our talents and gifts.