Banyan Botanicals offer organic, ayurvedic body care.  They offer pakriti quizzes to assess which of the three energetic qualities of the body predominates and vakriti quizzes to discern potential current imbalance of the doshas/body energies. I chose to use Banyan Botanicals to assess the doshas, because the assessment questions are presented in ways that enable the reader to choose qualities from the three different energies without feeling that we need to be categorized more strictly within any one particular energy type... thus giving a more accurate assessment of the unique combination of energetic qualities one has in the body.

The use of ayurvedic products whether internal or external facilitates each individual to care for their unique qualities. 

Having body care products of high-quality inspires and encourages routine self-care that supplies daily nourishment for a balanced state.  

**I do recommend completing the quiz with me or someone familiar with ayurveda simply because the way some of the dosha qualities manifest in the body may not be obvious to the reader and we have the tendency to differing degrees of body dysmorphia*. Or one could do both- complete the quizzes along and again with a friend.**