Cultivate your courage, confidence, stoke your fire and live out your desires!


Learn how Ayurveda can help you become physically vibrant, mentally clear, & emotionally stable:

The daily routine, or Dinacharya as it is called in Ayurveda, is central to promoting health, resilience and preventing imbalance. These practices are one of the simplest and most powerful tools we have to take our health and life into our own hands. 

·       Do you want to find more time for meaningful creative mastery, but not sure how? 

·       Do you want to have a strong sense of self-trust?

·       Do you want to shift your orientation from stress to ease?

·       Are you curious about Ayurveda and ready to integrate practical tools to improve your capacity to thrive?

·       Would you like to practice simple ways to align with natures rhythms so that you can tap into deeper energy?

Wild Childs Health Coaching

Wild Mamas is about dialing in the foundational habits of health to bring your life to the next level. It's based on dynamic peer support, Ayurvedic daily routines, and progressive habit-evolution philosophy.

Evolve Your Life: You’ll be coached into right relationship and living in sync with your bodies needs, but also into your need to live your life in a bigger context. Most of us don’t hang out with people who are consciously evolving in a way that supports who we are becoming. Here we bring together a group of like-minded individuals who have similar objectives and goals and a lot evolves in a short period of time. And as a benefit you will become more clear stepping up your life.

Your Health Transformation Begins October 16th, 2017

Adopt healthier habits to transform your health, mind and body!

This 10-week habit-changing course will help you make small, sustainable shifts in your life that will enable you to experience more energy, deeper rest and ease, a healthier diet through nourishing daily routines. This intimate group coaching program is for those ready to step into their life dharma (calling) through healthier lifestyle practices. 

 Knowledge is important, but change comes from taking action.  This program is designed to be 100% practical.  You’ll begin making small changes every day and see results quickly.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take charge of your life and your health for good.

This course is for you if:

·       You're ready for a health breakthrough in body, mind and spirit

·       You want to feel better in your body or achieve an optimal body weight

·       You want to strengthen your capacity to express yourself creatively in your life

·       You want to reduce fatigue and increase energy

·       You want to manage stress and anxiety with ease

·       You want to establish a regular exercise and meditation practice

·       You want to make a change but lack direction or motivation to do this on your own

·       You want to connect with like-minded people who are interested in supporting one another through this process of transformation

This life-changing course will help you:

·       Feel greater sense of confidence and purpose

·       Feel more grounded and calm

·       Ditch the cycles of overwhelm and burnout and shift into an easeful rhythm with abundant energy

·       Inspire your family, friends and community to live a healthier life

·       Eat a healthier diet of delicious, nourishing foods

·       Get more toned and fit

·       Sleep more, rest deeply and have more energy

·       Learn to manage your time effectively, while balancing your busy life

·       Live in greater harmony with nature

Incorporating the daily routine of Ayurveda completely changed my life. I went from low self-confidence, loathing my job and feeling that there was no time for my talents and passions,  to being empowered with a tejas surplus to go after  my passions rather than waiting for 'the right time'! In Wild Mamas I have streamlined the journey for you to make this shift faster, easier and with a whole lot of fun!

Optimize your health and wellness with the daily routine of yoga & Ayurveda

What you'll get:

·       Weekly meetings for 10 weeks via video conference calling where I will coach you into these better body habits and provide motivation, inspiration and education.

·       Membership to our private Facebook forum for ongoing peer support. Once you join, you gain lifetime access to the thriver community. 

·       Gain access to member's only content which includes webinars on each habit, resources and printable materials as well as a practice page with dance videos, yoga videos, guided meditations and pranayama practices and recipes

·       2 one-on-one 15 minute coaching sessions with me OR one 30 minute online private yoga session

·       Become eligible to be an Wild Mamas mentor to take your leadership and your practice to the next level

Your health is in your own hands

To talk to me and find out how to upgrade your health and wellness


Testimonials and Pricing

Gale is such an amazing coach. She took me step by step in an easy way to change my habits and replace them with more vital and healthy habits. She is so caring that she gives personalized guidance and support from day one. She is a great coach who was always there for me even with her tight and busy schedule, she responds immediately to any question or inquiry. Even though she is still young she has deep and applicable experience with ayurveda. I noticed that I always find the answers for my questions where she provides me with a lot of information.

 Gale started with asking questions to create a crafted health system that suits me. Actually I was greatly inspired by her from day one that I started with the first habit, which had a tremendous effect on my professional and personal life. This made me excited to go on with a commitment for 10 weeks of health coaching,

The start was difficult, but with a coach like Gale she had my back pushing me to get out of my comfort zone. I feel a tremendous effect in my life and the new habits I have gained. I feel more energetic, lighter, I eat healthier food that I prepare myself, I have much more awareness with what is good or bad for my energy according to my dosha.

Gale is such a clever person. She spotted stifling habits I had, that I would never had paid attention to before, which I can improve and let go of. Actually this is one of the greatest values I gained in working with her.

From my business experience I had learned not to pay a dollar unless I would be sure it will gain another dollar. This 10 week health coaching program is one of the most beneficial investments I have done in all my life. It pays off infinitely that I am sure it will keep paying off to have more guidance and support from Gale.

There is nothing better than gaining new life habits that helps you to get rid of old patterns you never thought you could. This process makes you a better caring and loving person who enjoys people and life more. You would be very lucky if Gale accepts coaching you.

- Hassan Hamdy


Finding your edge; that place between where you can and cannot do. The edge though, is different for everyone, for some it’s the fear of falling, of not being flexible enough, of not having the right body, or of being too old for this. Gale makes all that noise irrelevant. With humour and genuine curiosity about what you can do she teaches, or leads you both to and from your edge. Gale’s classes are filled with laughter, tears, and more than a little sweat. No matter how painful the process though, there is a gentleness, a kindness, with all of Gale’s teachings that creates a space and community of safety that gives you the confidence to explore farther than you thought possible.

- Jennifer Leslie

Course Price $997 USD