My life has always been anchored in a committed physical practice. Practicing ballet from the age of 3, and highland dancing from the age of 4 into my adulthood, I went on to study dance in university. After exploring other career choices, my passion for movement therapies became my apparent life dharma- Committing to a life of learning and sharing empowering life practices. I have studied yoga with different teachers: 200 hr hatha yoga under Meghan Currie, Sridaiva with Desi Springer and John Friend (intensive), Yoga Tune Up’s Embodied Anatomy with Trina Altman, 300 hr with Bryce Yoga, Acro Yoga with Jason Neemer, and ayurveda with Cate Stillman and Dr. Summit Kesarkar. The most influential teacher in my practice is Dana Skoglund, my teacher who has a background in Anusara and Sridaiva yoga, as well as ayurveda. Through yoga and ayurveda I strive to facilitate a newfound sense of self-empowerment, self-accountability and gratitude for life in all those who practice in my community.

My Personal Movement Background:

I have been dancing since the age of three. Being in touch with my physical capacity to process life has been the most steadfast and healthy way for me to cope with any of life's beautiful challenges. For me getting into the physical through dancing and sports had always been both a necessary grounding practice and an opportunity to play. To begin it offered a healthy opportunity to stay present in life, but later my unhealthy mental and physical patterns, and some of life's experiences showed up as pain in the body, changing my relationship with my primary coping mechanism of physical activity. Having unknowingly had significant scoliosis that limited healthy function of my spine, and movement patterns that strained muscle health I reached a point where the pain outweighed the relief my body offered to the mental stresses of daily life. My body was storing too much of my pain and became a source of extra psychological stress. Out of frustration with being disconnected from my main source of joy, I began to try and fix my body- approaching my tenderness and pain with a combative mindset. Eventually realizing that my antagonistic approach to my state of disease, only furthered me from finding ease. I began to explore the sensations with an openness to their healing. Over the past ten years I have seen a steady progression in my health grow from my commitment to finding what feels best and that which offers the most thorough healing. While there have been many beneficial explorations to find healing and health, yoga and ayurveda have been two of the most profound practices for self-empowerment. They offer my life a foundation in deep connection with my senses, self-care, and confidence. Having committed to my self-care and the challenge of getting into all of the physical sensations daily with compassion, confidence is the sure result- This is how the sister sciences of yoga and ayurveda have empowered me.