Banyan Botanicals offer organic, fair trade ayurvedic body care products. Their products allow for each individual to set up personalized body care that is coordinated to one's unique combination of doshas, optimizing the balancing potential of one's daily self-care routine. Having high-quality and personalized body care products can inspire joy and consistency in our self-care regime- It becomes an uplifting practice. 

The quizzes Banyan they offer for assessing doshas are the best I have come across in ayurvedic books or websites. The quizzes are presented in a manner that allows people to more accurately identify where they have qualities of varying degrees from each of the three doshas, without the impression that one should identify with only one dosha. To assess your main dosha take the prakriti quizz. I recommend taking the quiz with me if you are in my community, or with someone who is familiar with ayurveda, so that the different ways doshas can manifest in the body can be clearly explained. It is also not unusual to have difficulty objectively identifying certain body characteristics or tendencies on our own. It helps to have a friend to double check with.  

The vikriti quiz is used for assessing potential current imbalances of the doshas and can be done without outside input. 

If you are in Egypt and would like to put in an order, please contact me to put in your requests. I will be making scheduled orders to minimize shipping expenses.